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H5P Interactive Content Creator

Image: H5P Interactive Content Creator

What Is H5P?

H5P is an interactive content builder that allows you to easily create, share, and reuse content with your students right from within Canvas. H5P supports over 50 content types that range from polling features, interactive games, and much more.

Why is H5P useful for teaching and learning?

H5P works best in conjunction with existing Canvas features and is optimally used when creating low-stakes learning activities and instructional materials that allow your learners to self-assess. For instance, H5P content like crossword puzzles and flashcards allow your learners to test their knowledge of a topic or unit before a major assessment is due. Likewise, H5P supports instructional resources like interactive books, interactive videos, and course presentations offer further ways to engage your learners. Because H5P requires students to engage with the material on your Canvas page(s), learning transcends a passive experience to become a more active one.

There are countless possibilities and reasons for integrating H5P into your course(s).